Military Plaza in San Antonio, 1885 ca.

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Oral Histories

Oral Histories

Oral Histories

Texas has been able to develop many exciting programs, among them is our “Recuerdos de mi Familia” oral history project. This program provides the Hispanic community with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the true stories of our Hispanic families lives and histories.

Since 2003, we have partner with the City of San Antonio, Los Bexareños Genealogy and Historical Society and the San Antonio Public Library to conduct interviews. To date, we have been able to collect and archive over 200 interviews. Each conversation has been recorded on a CD and is preserved in our archive.

The Texana Genealogy  Department of the San Antonio Public Library has archived and transposed the recoded sessions. Additionally, it has scanned historical documents and photos of these same persons to add to their record. This is one of the first organized efforts to collect Hispanic oral histories in our community and state, and we all hope it will be able to continue.

This effort is so important as so many seniors are fast approaching a time when memories will fade and the past will be lost. Ask for assistance and direction to begin a local program. Please join us as we continue to encourage all of our families to record your love ones stories. “Texas history can never be complete, without the story of the Tejanos!”